Is Tonight’s Blood Moon a Sign of Prophecy?

I’ve been warning people in my personal life of even darker times ahead. I will now begin to speak publicly and openly about my thoughts.

A blood moon is appearing in the sky tonight, Friday the 27th in a show of the longest lunar eclipse of the century. At the exact same time,  Mars is also coming closer to earth than it has in 15 years, which means the red planet is shining brighter than usual right as the moon is also turning red.

Blood moons are mentioned in the Bible, including the Book of Joel, the Book of Revelation and second epistle of Peter.

The evidence is very clear scripturally that God controls the sun, moon and stars – that God is sending us a signal through the sun, the moon and the stars. The question is, are we listening?

July’s blood moon is the second of 2018 with the last one happening on January 31 during the rare blue blood moon spectacle. It has some Christian leaders speculating its significance.

Tonight, we on planet earth progress into the end of times. We will face a thousand years of transcendent evil. Are you prepared? Are you spiritually fortified? Demons are already around us and I am prepared to show the world proof!bloodmoon2_hdv


A Healthy Dose of Fear











While I was laid up dealing with kidney stones, I came across a lot of memes asking “How Much Do You Love God?”. I mean, I love God just as much as the next guy but, I think the real question should be “How Much Do You Fear God?”

I feel that, in order to have a healthy relationship with God, one needs to have respect for their Creator. That respect comes from knowing what God is capable of. And, If you, like I, have any idea of what God is capable of, then you would fear him as much as you love him. I think, a lack of fear leads to a lack of respect and a lack of respect leads to a lack in faith, which leads to the questioning and the challenging of God.

I have challenged God and have suffered the full force of Gods wrath.

I now know what God is capable of and I will never challenge God again.

Our Lives Based on The Ten Commandments

I intend for this blog to get a little more personal as I feel my experiences with God, the Devil, and his demons will help to illustrate the importance of finding and keeping Christ close to your heart. As my battle with personal demons and actual demons over the years prove the existence of God and I want to spend my life spreading his word.

In time you will hear exactly how I fell out of grace. For now know I (and a girlfriend at the time) intention set out to break the Ten Commandments to test the existence of God. Just putting these feelings in my heart and thoughts in my head led life in a dark direction before even breaking a commandment. In hindsight this cements in my heart the importance of these commandments to God and us , his child. They are so deeply rooted in our existence and taken for granted everyday around us.

In America the commandments still guide the moral fabric of our society in regards to murder, stealing and lying. However the commandments against coveting, committing adultery, and dishonoring parents are typically scene as lesser important “rules.” Where the commandments on using the Lord’s name in vain, having other gods, and keeping the Sabbath are almost non-existent if not mocked. I used to be one of those people, but now looking at any of the scripture as more or less important hurts my stomach. Every word, phrase, and testament holds as much weight as any other. As I would learn the hard way.

In a country built on “white lies” how can a man be wrong for looking at a neighbor’s car, or wife? But this indeed is where the trouble begins. The gateway to broken commandments. You say to yourself, “I could never murder someone.” But the idea of sleeping with your best friend’s wife is casual. As I learned, that affair can quickly snowball to murder.

Keep the Lord and the commandments close to your heart everyday, this seemingly simple thing will keep your heart safe and pure. I found  this keeps my on my path in times of the simple “white lies” creeping in:

2 Timothy 3:1-5 King James Version (KJV)

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.


Christianity and Immigration

I believe that a country that refuses to allow Christians and Jews into a country is far worse that keeping our borders safe from the worst segments that society has to offer.

Do you realize that there are Countries that don’t allow all Americans in? You know, who don’t have records and so forth, we’re not going to allow their people in this country as well.

That seems fair. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. All kind of religious tests all over the world, particularly the third world. Can I use the phrase third world? You’re damn well I can.

Do you believe that people fleeing from such terrible parts of the world may be terrible themselves? I do. How many real Christians and Jews are there? I don’t know off the top of my head, but my guess is not enough to fill a big dinner party. And apparently with some of these countries, Christians and Jews are not allowed to visit.

I’m not saying that I have a solution, or that it’s an easy one to come to. However, like Mose protected his people. We too must protect our people and land from the threat of such anti-christian behavior.wwjd.001

Happy Father’s Day to our most important “Father,” God.

On this Father’s Day, we think of earthly fathers. God the Father is the Vinedresser or caretaker. He says that Christ is the vine, but this message is more on God our Father.

God the Father removes those branches that do not bear fruit and prunes those that do bear fruit. Some things in the lives of our children simply need to be removed. A few things come to mind: Alcohol, cigarettes, ungodly friends, illegal drugs, pornography, profanity, laziness, greed, and vengeance. The Vinedresser’s goal is more and better fruit.

Every child will produce some kind of fruit. When a child manifests love, joy, peace, diligence, faithfulness, and honesty, the human father will be honored maybe even glorified. When the child manifests addictions, thievery, materialism, slothfulness, and immorality, the father will be dishonored.


If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask him? (Matthew 7:11 TPT)earthly-dad-whollyhis



A Soul Stealing Epidemic. Suicide.

“There’s a verse in Ecclesiastes that says, ‘All the labors of a man’s hands are for his mouth, but his soul goes unsatisfied,'” he said. “You know with money and fame comes a lot of pressure and their own unique world of pain.”

In our world we are taught to chase money and fame at a very early age by the media and Hollywood. We see their ideas and lifestyles leading them down a path of self destruction at an alarming rate. I know what you’re saying, “screw them, they’re sinners!” And in a way, you are right. However, we forget that these are God’s souls! Even if they’ve been overtaken by demons or worse, the Devil himself. We face another struggle, what if their values go against our Christian faith? We must try to save everyone’s soul in the name of Christ! 26102015jpg-3712517_p9

Suicide warning signs include:

  • Talking or writing about suicide
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Contacting people to say goodbye
  • Giving important things away

People feeling desperate can get immediate help from the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800 237-TALK.