Supreme Court Takes a Stand for God!

Today is a great day for America and its traditional values! We have all felt it for a long, long time. The push back and persecution you’ve felt as a Christian in your community and in the media. Loving God is not a joke, we as Christians are not something to be laughed at any longer. And today The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land stood up for us, Christians! In God(and America again) We Trust!

This is not an attack on the Gays, as the left-wing media is trying to spin this. Even though the Bible clearly states that Homosexuality is wrong! This was an issue of our religious freedoms and our right to express our Christian values as we please. Since the 90’s these values have been attacked in the media and has influenced a generation of Godless sinners that need our help and guidance to lead them back to the path of God. I believe this is the first step in making this land great again. Take a stand for Christianity, it is your right and duty as an American!

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