A Healthy Dose of Fear











While I was laid up dealing with kidney stones, I came across a lot of memes asking “How Much Do You Love God?”. I mean, I love God just as much as the next guy but, I think the real question should be “How Much Do You Fear God?”

I feel that, in order to have a healthy relationship with God, one needs to have respect for their Creator. That respect comes from knowing what God is capable of. And, If you, like I, have any idea of what God is capable of, then you would fear him as much as you love him. I think, a lack of fear leads to a lack of respect and a lack of respect leads to a lack in faith, which leads to the questioning and the challenging of God.

I have challenged God and have suffered the full force of Gods wrath.

I now know what God is capable of and I will never challenge God again.

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